Animal Crossing New Leaf: Shops Guide – Part 2


Last post, I talked about a few of the shops you can unlock and/or upgrade in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I am going to continue talking about that today. Hopefully I can get through most of them. I am going to save the Nookiling shop upgrades for its very own article since there is quite a bit to do and things you need to know about that.

Dream Suite: 

The dream suite is a nifty little building run by Luna and a nice new addition to the game. In order to unlock the ability to build this as a public works project you need be mayor for at least 7 days. If you go into town hall after that Isabelle will be napping at the desk, talk to her and the build will be added to your options for public works projects. It will cost you 234,000 bells to build. Once you have it completed you will be able to go visit dream versions of other towns for 500 bells. You have different options when choosing to go visit a dream town. Once you tell Luna you want to have a dream you are given 3 options.

  • I’ll Leave it up to you – This will make you visit a randomly selected town
  • Input Dream address – If you have someone’s dream code, you can input it here and access their town directly.
  • I’ll Search for one – You can search for a dream by Town Name, Player Name, or Region

Going to a dream town is similar to going to an actual town, but with a lot of limitations. Nothing that you do in the dream world is permanent. So you could chop down all of the trees, destroy all of the flowers and cause chaos in the dream world and it doesn’t do a single thing to the real village. You also can’t take anything with you unfortunately, or bring anything back. Also, all of the shops are closed.  You will find Wendell wandering around the town and he will let you to obtain any patterns that the player of the town has created.

You can also upload a dream version of your town. Just go over to the couch and Luna will guide you through this process. After it is complete you will be given a dream address that you can share with other people. She will also give you 5000 bells for updating your dream town. You can do this once a day, and it is an easy way to make 5000 bells!!

Club LOL:

This is a new addition to Animal Crossing and is run by Dr.Shrunk. In order to unlock this project you will need to have received 100% approval and have your public works projects available. You also need to have upgraded Nookling Junction to T & T Mart. After those requirements are met Dr.Shrunk will visit you outside of your house. He asks your permission to build the night club and after you agree to it he will hand you a petition that you need to get 6 villagers to sign. Once you have the signatures, give the petition to Dr.Shrunk who will now be on Main Street. That is it! It will take roughly 5-7 days for the club to be finished and  unlike the other stores  you won’t be able to visibly see any construction from outside.

Once your club is built there a few different things you can do. During the hours of 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM if you drop by the club you will be greeted by Dr. Shrunk. If you give him a fruit he will teach you an expression. This is quite similar to how the marquee worked. So visit him every day to learn lots of expressions! There are 40 in total that you can learn from him.  Also, during the day you can swap out any one of the 4 gyroids on the stage with new ones.

After 8:00 PM from Sunday – Friday Club LOL turns into a dance club with DJ K.K spinning some great tunes.  You will be able to dance by using up, down, right or left on the D-Pad. Outside of the club,  when the signs are pink he will play 8-bit versions of his songs. When the signs are blue he will his regular song mixes.  On Saturdays, K.K. Slider will be there with his trusty old guitar to play you one of his songs. You can also request an old favorite from him, or he will play one of his songs at random. He will give you a copy of the first song he plays.  Something that is new with this version of Animal Crossing is that the songs have album cover art which allows you to hang the albums on your wall.

Gardening Store:

The gardening store is also a new addition to New Leaf and is run by Leif the sloth. For construction of the gardening store to start you have to pull weeds or plant flowers a combined total of 30 times and the town must be at least 5 days old. After you have fulfilled those requirements construction will start on main street, it can last between 1-5 days.  Once the store opens you will be able to purchase flowers and saplings as well as tools such as the axe or watering can.

The gardening store will upgrade when your Nookling store upgrades to T.I.Y. (I will have more details on the Nookling store upgrades in a future post very soon!!) Once the upgrade happens, Leif will offer a weed pulling service. If you see him around town pulling weeds, offer to help him. He will reward you with a random piece from the flower furniture series. He will also have more items for sale in his shop. As well as the saplings, flowers and tools he will now have bushes for sale and a random plant for inside your house.

The final upgrade to the gardening store happens when you get your final upgrade of Nooklings to T& T Emporium. Leif will now sell fertilizer as well as bamboo. Sometimes instead of bamboo he will have fruit for sale. Also instead of just having one tool available he will sell both the watering can and the axe.

On top of everything that you can buy you can also get some tool upgrades from Leif. You can get the following upgrades from him:

  • Gold Axe – You need to purchase 50 saplings from the store for this to unlock.
  • Gold Shovel – You need to purchase 50 bags of fertilizer for this to unlock.
  • Silver Watering can – You need to purchase 50 flower seeds for this to unlock.


The museum is one of my favorite parts of the game and it is run by Blathers the owl. This is where you go to donate items. The museum accepts Fish, Bugs, Sea Creatures, Paintings and Fossils.  Once you have donated an item to the museum it is displayed with a sign and includes more information about that particular item. Fossils have to be identified by Blathers before they can be donated, and you can dig up 4 fossils daily in your town.

You can unlock a second floor to your museum. In order to do this you need to have been living in your town for at least 14 days, and donated a total of 20 things to the museum (there needs to be at least one from each category).  Once you have fulfilled those requirements when you go into the museum Blathers will be awake and appear to be thinking. If you talk to him he will suggest the second floor to the museum as a Public Works project. It will cost 198,000 bells to build and the gyroid will be in the town’s train station.

Once you unlock the second floor you will have access to the museum shop which is run by Celeste. She will have three items for sale each day and these will change daily. This is where you will be able to purchase a silver fishing rod, silver shovel and silver net. She also offers various floors and wallpapers. Some will unlock once you have donated a certain number of items. She will have one museum item for sale each day as well, this could be anything from a display case, a guest book or a rope for your exhibits.

One of the other services that Celeste offers is the ability to rent out museum space for your own personal exhibits. There are 4 empty exhibit rooms and they will cost 10,000 bells each to rent. After you rent one, you can change the sign outside the exhibit and decorate it the same way you would your home. I currently have 2 exhibits in my museum. One of them  is for my Gyroids and the other is for my duplicate Nintendo Items. If you want to close one of your exhibits you just need to speak to Celeste. Once the exhibit is closed all of the items that you had in it will go into your storage.

Alright folks, that is it for today, I will have part 3 up in a few days. I hope this guide helps!!


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